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Taking that First Step aka launching this blog

“Start before you are ready.” I’ve been seeing this quote on my social media feeds and I’m taking it as a sign that I should just go ahead and launch this blog. Hello, my name is Therese and I am... Continue Reading →

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[Taipei Eats] Tamed Fox lunch date

I've raved about Tamed Fox in previous entries (here and here), and I went again for a third time because I saw from their Instagram page that they released chewy cookies and I'm a fan of chewy cookies! T and... Continue Reading →

[Banqiao Eats] Dating Beef Noodle Restaurant 大庭牛肉麵

There was a night when one of my acquaintances was in transit to Manila and he asked if we could meet up. Not wanting to be unaccommodating, I agreed to take him to dinner and to let him rest a... Continue Reading →

[Taipei Eats] Fave Italian restaurant Cin Cin Osteria

R taught a class on the basics of logistics operations and she thought she received more than she thought she would, so she treated us out to lunch! We went to our fave Italian restaurant Cin Cin Osteria to finally... Continue Reading →

[Taipei Eats] Ichiran Ramen and Freaks Cafe Bistro

A little over a year ago, we had a farewell dinner for my good friend Jackie who left Taiwan to go back to the Philippines both for work and because she wanted to be surrounded by friends and family again.... Continue Reading →

Quotes from Recent Reads

THE MISEDUCATION OF THE FILIPINO by Prof. Renato Constantino Language is a tool of the thinking process. Through language, thought develops, and the development of thought leads to further development of language. But when a language becomes a barrier of... Continue Reading →

[Taipei Eats] Lunch buffet at 新馬辣

One Sunday lunch, T and I decided to have unlimited hotpot buffet at 新馬辣 (XinMaLa). The restaurant is pretty and one of their "selling points" is their flower wall that's perfect for "influencers" to shoot photos. The flower wall is indeed... Continue Reading →

[Taipei Eats] Ximending with my once-a-year friend

I put on light make up that day and was happy with how I looked so I took this #selfie while waiting for my friend. I had also gotten a haircut so hello bangs! Milan is one of my friends from... Continue Reading →

[Taoyuan] Bat Cave 三民村蝙蝠洞

Took a detour before heading home after our weekend staycation and found ourselves in the supposedly “hidden cave/hidden spot” in this area. There's nothing much to say about it except that it has grown in popularity recently because people have... Continue Reading →

[Taoyuan] Staycation in Westin Tashee Resort

Over one weekend, T and I went up to Taoyuan to stay at Westin Tashee Resort for their annual company trip. Their itinerary was very open, which is to say that there was nothing on it aside from the traditional... Continue Reading →

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